Watch this woman get a raise in only 47 seconds. Simply by becoming a man. Because being a man is still the easiest way to get a raise. Join the protest and become a man yourself athttp://beaman.se

Watch Annelie Nordström, Chairwoman of Kommunal, as she becomes a man to protest against unequal salaries between men and women. For the International Women’s Day, 8th of March, she calls for every woman to join the protest by following her example athttp://beaman.se

Kommunal is Sweden’s biggest union with over 80 % female members. Workers in female-dominated professions get a statistically lower salary, and this inequality is changing very slowly. At the current pace it will take us over a hundred years until women’s salaries equal men’s. We can’t wait another 100 years!

Find out more and become a man at http://www.BEaMAN.se



Advertising Agency:  VOLONTAIRE Stockholm, Sweden

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