CARA Welfare Philippines: I am home


With greater awareness for animal rights, animal rescues have increased through the years. Stray cats and dogs are rescued everyday by adoption centers in the Philippines. Unfortunately, as more strays are rescued, adoption centers run out of room to accommodate more. without any room, no additional rescues can be done.

A campaign was done that aimed to encourage people to adopt strays from adoption centers instead of buying pets from pet shops. As a result, they help free up room at adoption centers allowing more rescues. By Showing one’s reflection on the animal’s eyes, we created an engaging medium that tell the viewers that he can be a possible home to strays. Seeing oneself in the animal’s eyes inspires a sense of responsibility and urgency to adopt a stray instead of buying a pet from a pet shop. It turns what could’ve been just an ordinary source of information into a shareable experience.

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The campaign attracted people to adoption events. They took pictures of their reflection on the convex mirrors/eyes and shared the picture on instagram and facebook, leading to passed-on awareness. During adoption events, inquiry rose as more and more people showed interest in pet adoption. Adoptions went up as well just from the last two adoption events. Awareness on the living conditions of strays and the processes of adoptiing strays became better known. An increasing the website visits was also seen due to the digital aspect of the campaign. Moreover, because of the rise in adoption, rescue shelter free up space for more animals to be rescued.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Manila, Philippines

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