yiche.com: The Bottle Opener



Based on the research about the accident from the World Health Organization (WHO), 50 to 60 percent of them result from the drunk driving in the worldwide and now the drunk driving has been considered as the main reason about the accident to death. In China, there are ten thousands of cases which are caused by drunk driving every year, and in the cases of the death of all the accidents, 50 percent of them related to the drunk driving. By right of their own brand strength, Yiche.com, which is the comprehensive professional website in the Chinese vehicle industry, wishes they could communicate with the public effectively and present the hazard about the drunk driving, in order to propose to forbid drunk driving.


We proposed to connect the harm after drunk driving and the real action of the drinker to present visually and directly, so that the public could get and understand the main idea and content at the first time.

Creative Idea

Agency designed and produced a metallic bottle opener in the particular up-side-down vehicle shape, which embeds into a bloody wall poster, directly presents the terrible car accident caused by drunk driving! This warning device is placed in clubs, pubs, bar counters to alert target audience, meanwhile attracts massive attention! Effects: Over 65% on-site target audience noticed and played the device, 40% drinkers ordered designated driver service instead of drunk driving.

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