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URB-E: The world’s most compact e-vehicle

URB-E has a 20 mile range on a single charge, a top speed of 15mph, and can fold small enough to fit next to you on a train or bus.

It takes only one second to convert the URB-E from something the size of carry on luggage to a ‘go anywhere’ personal e-vehicle!  Although there are other options for mobility devices such as bicycles and larger, more expensive e-vehicles on the market, it is not always possible to take these vehicles with you while traveling on a crowded train or bus during rush hour.  Because of its amazingly compact size and ability to stay with you while traveling on a train, bus, or trunk of your car, the URB-E makes for the perfect commuter companion.

This project is now achieved the funding goal at Indiegogo and still available for your support. Check this out!


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45 degree PIN-DOWN


Hammering pins into the ground for pitching the tent is a big hassle during camping. It can be difficult and dangerous. ’45 degree PIN-DOWN’ allows you to drive tent pins into the ground without the needing hammer. It uses a foot pedal and one’s whole body weight to make the task easier, safer, and more efficient. The pedal, which doubles up as the pin case, drives the light weight Titanium pins downward at a 45-degree angle.

Designers: Jeon Youngwon & Jeong Eunji

Source: YankoDesign

pin_down_2 pin_down_3


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Coca-Cola: Radar For Good

radar for good

Imagine you are walking down the street and suddenly you’re struck with the desire to do some good. No need to search for the nearest homeless shelter and hope they have volunteer hours. Coke Romani teams up with McCann Bucharest for “Radar for Good,” a mobile app that lets you find a place to volunteer, instantly. The app will scan the area to show you the NGOs, soup kitchens, orphanages or libaries that need your help right now.


radar 2

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Colgate: Water

colgate water

When you brush your teeth with the tap running, you waste over 10 liters of water. That is more than many people in the world have in a month. Close the tap.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Peru

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Change Your Mind: 57 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Self

Change Your Mind: 57 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Self by Rod Judkins



It is a common belief that creativity is something you are born with, and others can only envy. More creative people are, in fact, just an ordinary as the rest of us. That they have is a belief in themselves, and this is a skill that everyone can learn.

In Change Your Mind, Rod Judkins reveal the 57 habits of some of the world’s most creative people. From the Beatles to Einstein, Charles Dickens to Damien Hirst, you will learn how to unlock the creativity lurking within. Nuggets of wisdom include the importance of focus, why you should never wait for inspiration and how you should always turn a failure success.

So whether you’re trying to start your own business, write music, come up with new ideas at work or just alter your way of looking at the world, Change Your Mind will do just that.


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Save the Children: The resume nobody would like to have


Thousands of Peruvian children are exploited; they are made work on the streets under unsafe and dangerous conditions. To communicate this problem we send resumes to high executives and human resources managers at many corporations in Peru. This way we got on their tables a taste of this harsh reality and they got the message across.

Advertising AgencyMcCann Lima, Peru

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Johnson & Johnson: Grandparents Frame


Impact BBDO Dubai and Johnson & Johnson team up for “Grandparents Frame”, a digital picture frame created to just receive and display photographs of adorable grandchildren. The idea was born out of the insight that many grandmoms and granddads are often living far away from their kids, and thus, their kids’ kids. Many of them also don’t have the technical know-how or resources to easily get online.

Enter the app, which lets the parents — or any member of a family — send pictures to the same Grandparents Frame, which lives in the grandparents’ house. Members can also connect to several frames.

The frames were given away to expat families in the UAE during the campaign. They’re also available for purchase. Please visit


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Based on the research about the accident from the World Health Organization (WHO), 50 to 60 percent of them result from the drunk driving in the worldwide and now the drunk driving has been considered as the main reason about the accident to death. In China, there are ten thousands of cases which are caused by drunk driving every year, and in the cases of the death of all the accidents, 50 percent of them related to the drunk driving. By right of their own brand strength,, which is the comprehensive professional website in the Chinese vehicle industry, wishes they could communicate with the public effectively and present the hazard about the drunk driving, in order to propose to forbid drunk driving.


We proposed to connect the harm after drunk driving and the real action of the drinker to present visually and directly, so that the public could get and understand the main idea and content at the first time.

Creative Idea

Agency designed and produced a metallic bottle opener in the particular up-side-down vehicle shape, which embeds into a bloody wall poster, directly presents the terrible car accident caused by drunk driving! This warning device is placed in clubs, pubs, bar counters to alert target audience, meanwhile attracts massive attention! Effects: Over 65% on-site target audience noticed and played the device, 40% drinkers ordered designated driver service instead of drunk driving.

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D.o.t.: Just Vote

dot-just-vote-print-357821-adeevee dot-just-vote-print-357820-adeevee

Don’t lose your VOICE to the NOTE. Just VOTE. This election, prove that your opinion, your values and your faith in democracy has the power to elect the leaders of this nation. Prove that vote banks cannot be bought by the black money in Swiss banks. This election, prove that you are an Indian who truly cares about India. But above all else, prove that your votes cannot be corrupted by their notes. THE POWER LIES IN YOUR HAND. JUST VOTE

Elections in India, one of the world’s biggest democracies, often suffer from malpractices such as politicians buying votes from the needy masses for a few hundred rupees per vote. Democracy of Truth, an initiative by nikotin, aims to create awareness during the coming elections about this detrimental practice that eventually leads to the appointment of corrupt people in positions of great power, despite a severe lack of credentials.

Advertising AgencyNikotin, Pune, India

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Cyclean: a bus/train handle that can prevent the transfer of germs with its internal cleaning function


The handles on public buses and trains can pose health risks due to the possibility of germs being transferred to the hands. Cyclean reinvents the typical handle with a built-in cleaning function. The handle strap can be rotated through a small plastic chamber that contains a rough sponge, a cleaning and disinfecting agent, and rollers. The handle strap can be cleaned by pulling down on one side of the loop to feed it into the chamber. The rollers clean and disinfect the strap as it is fed through. The strap emerges from the chamber clean. The sponge can be replaced and the cleaning agent can be refilled.

Designed by Li Jiyang, Liu Tao, Qiu Zhen, Zeng Jiayu, and Zhou Shen



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