Who Cares?!: The Helpless Machine

Helpless Machine

Non-profit help organization Who Cares?! and agency Hungry Boys demonstrated how easy it is to get a man angry enough to hit a woman simply by making a faulty vending machine.

The premise was simple. They placed a vending machine with a female persona in one of Moscow’s largest shopping centers. It has been configured so that the snacks inside get stuck after a customer has paid. Using vibration and display sensors, the machine will eventually release the purchase, but only after a man has hit the thing several times. And in doing so the smiling female vending assistant bursts in to tears drawing the attention of passers-by.

More disturbing than how easy it is to get a Russian male to hit a vending machine though is the fact that ten thousand Russian women die as a result of domestic violence.

Read more at http://adland.tv/commercials/who-cares-helpless-machine-2014-140-russia#OrS0I4k5tdxPOP1I.99

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