Castrol, Bangalore Traffic Police: The Good Road

the good road1 the good road2

Motorbike riders in India are an endangered lot. Poor road conditions, heavy vehicles, harsh weather, unregulated traffic… it’s a long and scary list.

Now consider all the bikers who ride without helmets and you get an even scarier list; the number of people who die of head injuries each day on Indian roads.

A change was desperately needed – in the way we look at helmets, the way we ride, but most importantly, the way we get along with the road. It was also a chance to prove how the creative use of technology can change human behaviour and save the day.

Presenting a simple innovation with radical possibilities – one of them is that motorbike riders will never have to fear the road again.

Welcome to the Good Road. It’s here, it’s on your side and it promises that even when things get rough, you will always live to ride it again.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather – Bangalore

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