Wear It All: Shop smarter

Wear it all

Start up idea

Have you ever felt like you have nothing to wear, but your wardrobe is full of clothes?
With Wear it All, you get a tool that automatically organizes your wardrobe. It helps you find new outfits from clothes you already own, and inspiration from friends and fashionistas. But most of all: It encourages you to shop less, but shop smarter.


Just before leaving the house, most of us take a quick look at ourself in the mirror. A small camera will scan your body and take a photo of you everyday right before leaving the house. The camera then helps you create a catalogue for your looks, and the app helps you find new outfits based on our mix and match function.

A timeline will show you what you have worn recently. Based on the things you add into the app – your interests and your likes, you can make smarter shopping decisions based on what’s lacking in your wardrobe.
If you are tired of a garment, give it to a friend! If you have nothing to wear, why not borrow something you like from a friends wardrobe? And if you feel like doing something good, give an item away to charity!

Advertising SchoolInteractive Communication @ Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm, Sweden

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