“Bottlelight” by Christoph Kuppert


Here is a simple formula that helps to reduce your luggage load while camping. The Bottlelight combines portable UV water purifier with a camping light. The bottle saves space and merges two essential must-haves. The carabineer on the top adds to the portability and dash of functionality.

 How it works:

  • The top consists of two pressure casted aluminum parts with an inner sealing.
  • These become a watertight housing for the PCB, the battery and the UV and LED light unit.
  • A USB port can charge the battery for 10 hours of 30 Lumen while the 45° reflector at the bottom provides a plain and not reflecting light source.

Read more at: yankodesign

bottle_light bottle_light3 bottle_light4 bottle_light5 bottle_light6

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