Rip Curl Pro: Braille clothing tags

Braille Clothing Tags

Havas Worldwide Warsaw came up with a creative way for the visually impaired to see colors of their clothing. Together with Rip Curl Pro Store Warsaw, who wanted to emphasize the power of color in its newest collection, the agency came up with a simple solution, which should be available in every store worldwide – Braille Clothing Tags. The tags are made of fabric and are attached to clothing. They are readable both for the visually impaired and for people with sight. The visually impaired can sew the tag into the clothing and never wonder again what color they are wearing – sewing is a simple manual action that every visually impaired can easily perform. If a person who can see colors buys any clothing in the Rip Curl Pro Store, the tag is donated to the visually impaired, who can sew it to the clothing they already own. We believe we are starting a revolution and other brands/retailers will follow. We have shown how simple and easy it is. In addition, the agency created a video, promoting the action, featuring Paweł Urbański the first Polish visually impaired to climb Kilimanjaro

Braille Clothing Tags1 Braille Clothing Tags2 Braille Clothing Tags3  Braille Clothing Tags5 Braille Clothing Tags6

Advertising AgencyHavas Worldwide, Warsaw, Poland

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