Movimento de Mulheres: Penny Prison

Penny prison

Movimento de Mulheres’ ‘Penny Prison’ responds to a shocking statistic: “every 15 seconds, a woman is assaulted in Brazil.” Most of the time, these acts of violence are a result of domestic abuse and although these events go on behind closed doors, it doesn’t mean that outsiders are powerless.

The Penny Prison is a tremendous women’s rights campaign that was developed by Brazilian agency Binder, showing that even the smallest donation can make a big change. The ad for Movimento de Mulheres is a brilliantly simple one, which put images of abusive men behind bars by having people drop pennies into clear tubes. Over time, as more and more pennies are donated, the man appears to be locked away in jail, which is quite a literal representation of how monetary donations to the non-profit Movimento de Mulheres will be used.

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