The Walking Dead season 4 was coming soon to Fox Channel Portugal.
The fans were eager for more thrilling action and bloodshed and we knew it. So we thought: “If you want blood, YOU got it!”

Teaming up with the Portuguese national blood bank institute, IPST, we set up something special for the fans:
The Walking Dead Blood Store. The world’s first store where the currency is blood.

All the fans had to do was to extend their arms and donate blood to buy from a series of official Walking Dead products.

The more milliliters of blood given, the more and better the products. Each fan should “contaminate” friends and family with the idea, persuading them to donate blood on their behalf.

We witnessed an amazing 571% increase in blood donations in comparison to the previous year, and 67% of the total donations were made by first time donors.

There was a 17% increase of viewers versus the last season of the show, placing the Fox channel as cable TV’s ratings leader for its target group.

This idea caught the attention of both fans and the media alike, resulting in a huge wave of chatter on social networks and conventional media outlets.

The concept was so powerful in involving the fans personally and emotionally, that it will be replicated in several countries.


Advertising AgencyTorke+CC, Lisbon, Portugal

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