Blood of Hope

Every year in Thailand, thousands of people die because they don’t receive blood in time. This happens during accident-heavy periods like the Thai New Year. And the recent political protests, saw over 1,000 people injured. Meanwhile, in the 3 Southernmost provinces, villagers are wounded daily by terrorist attacks. All of these situations combined mean a blood bank crisis. Thousands of people try to help by posting blood requests on social networks. But finding blood takes time. Most of the time, when potential donors see the post, it’s too late. So how can we find a more efficient way to connect these people? AIS, as a mobile phone operator which connects people, saw the opportunity and wants to create a CSR campaign to increase brand preference. AIS presents BLOOD OF HOPE, the largest social donor network that turns every smartphone into a life saving platform.

BLOOD OF HOPE, mobile application, is a more efficient way to connect those who need blood with those who can donate. It is a long-term platform that contains blood database of the donors. All it takes is the help of Thais to register their blood group. When an emergency occurs, donors will be sent a notification through the application, asking them to donate. After that they are pointed to the nearest hospital to complete the donation. Saving someone’s life could be as simple as that.

Within 1 week, 5% of people that needed blood had been helped through the application’s donors. It was talked about and recommended on Facebook pages as well as by doctors and relatives of numerous patients. This is just the start and hundred organizations are on the list to support the program. Imagine the difference this would make to someone whose survival depends on a blood donation, losing hope as each minute passes.

Agency: CJ WORX Co., Ltd., Bangkok

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