Four Paws: The Good Dog Catcher


After a 4 year old boy was killed by stray dogs in Romania in September 2013, a mass euthanasia law was adopted. Dog catchers rounded up the dogs to be executed. Sparking protests defending Romanian strays all over Europe and a reaction from the European Parliament. “Shame on you, Romania!” become a widespread slogan.

FOUR PAWS/VIER PFOTEN Romania created the Good Dog Catcher who took the challenge of turning a stray dog into the first Stray Assistance Dog in the world. In developed countries special breeds are trained to help people with disabilities. But nobody has tried it with dogs that belong to no breed. Stray dog Karma, trained hard and met her new owner, Mircea.

Inspired by our initiative, the Parliament issued for the first time in Romania, a law allocating government funding for the training of assistance dogs to help people with disabilities. Our Facebook page gathered friends from 43 countries and hit a record engagement of 145%. The campaign totaled 15M PR impressions and 550,000 EUR in rate card estimate. Everything with a total budget of 116 Euros.

Agency: GMP Advertising

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