Lifebuoy: Jump Pump

Lifebuoy Jump Pump

India’s mid-day meal scheme feeds millions of hungry school children every day. But eating with unclean hands spreads diseases like diarrhoea. It is important that children wash their hands with soap before eating.

Access to soap is easy. But, unfortunately, old & heavy hand-operated pumps are the only way to access water in rural schools. Young children find these pumps almost impossible to operate, thus staying away from washing hands.

Our challenge was to make these hand-pumps easier to use. We decided to transform these hand-pumps into a fun activity. A specially crafted rocking horse was installed onto the handles of each these hand pumps in schools — turning them into “Jump Pumps”.

Jump-pumps are being installed across 1500 schools in rural India between April-May 2014

Advertising AgencyGeometry Global / Ogilvy, India

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