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Bem Ser: Anti-Tobacco Chewable Postcards


Bem Ser a health clinic launched a chewable postcard through Dim&Canzian Sao Paulo that helps people to stop smoking.

With a low budget, promote the Ben Ser Anti-tobacco Program, positioning the institute as one of the most effective in helping people to stop smoking.

We developed eatable postcards scented with nicotine, using the same principle of anti-smoking chewing gums. Each postcard had 8 detachable “cigarettsd” that once chewd helped to ease the urge to smoke. Those postcards were placed in bars and night clubs, reaching the target exactly in the moments when they usually can’t resist a cigarette.

The number of the smokers interested in the Program increased 27% during the campaign. More than 300 smokers started the treatment. Up until now, 92% of them haven’t smoked since.

Agency: Dim&Canzian São Paulo

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