Hi! Call me Na-o

Political Science Student from Thammasat University, Thailand , but I’m kind of boring my field that I’ve studied.

A little months trespassing, I’ve found that I’m really passionate with creative works, creative campaign and innovation, Anything  perform ‘fresh idea’ that I’ve never seen before, That’s why I’m starting this blog 🙂

All comments or suggestions are welcome1495437_10151789816562077_844362991_n.

Hope you enjoy 🙂


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Xinyi says:

    hello Na-o
    I found your blog while looking for social justice oriented marketing campaigns. I noticed that you have featured a lot of very innovative and socially aware campaigns on your site. I work for and with some non-profits in Asia working on human trafficking and animal trafficking. One organization is in Bangkok and is always looking for good marketing and communications people. and I would love to meet you to discuss if you are interested in getting involved. I see that you are still a student, but if you are interested in innovative ways to communicate important social issues to the public, then let’s talk about ways you can get involved now or after you graduate. I believe I found your twitter account under the same name @naocrituss, you can follow me back @beingxy and we can direct message about meeting up in person for a coffee.

  2. mil says:


  3. vanillawara says:

    Good blogs indeed ! Support !!

  4. Cartoon (Singhadang 61) says:


    I finally have a chance to check out ur blog (as I promised you that I will)
    It’s incredibly great and inspiring.
    I wholeheartedly admire you and your work. Very brialliant and outstanding one.
    I wish I could be as good as you, or at least half good of you. LOL
    Anyhow, cheer up na. Really admired you ah. I will respect you as my idol. HEART

    • naocrituss says:

      ขอบคุณมากเลย กต. ดีใจที่ชอบนะ ว่างๆก็มาเล่นกันในเพจบนเฟซบุค เรากำลังเริ่มแคมเปญของเราเองอยู่นะ 🙂

      • Cartoon says:

        คือ เเบบ…อย่าขำนะ เราเล่นเฟซบุ๊คไม่เป็นอะ 55555
        ตอนเเรกพยายามจะคอมเม้นในเพจเน่า เเต่ทำไม่เปน เลยมาเม้นตรงนี้เเทน 😭

      • naocrituss says:

        ลองจิ้มๆดู 555

  5. Creative and inspiration. Cheer!!

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