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Bem Ser: Anti-Tobacco Chewable Postcards


Bem Ser a health clinic launched a chewable postcard through Dim&Canzian Sao Paulo that helps people to stop smoking.

With a low budget, promote the Ben Ser Anti-tobacco Program, positioning the institute as one of the most effective in helping people to stop smoking.

We developed eatable postcards scented with nicotine, using the same principle of anti-smoking chewing gums. Each postcard had 8 detachable “cigarettsd” that once chewd helped to ease the urge to smoke. Those postcards were placed in bars and night clubs, reaching the target exactly in the moments when they usually can’t resist a cigarette.

The number of the smokers interested in the Program increased 27% during the campaign. More than 300 smokers started the treatment. Up until now, 92% of them haven’t smoked since.

Agency: Dim&Canzian São Paulo

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Sony Digital Paper


Tablets are great for multi-use situations, Kindles are great for reading — but what if you’re constantly dealing with documents, and want the readability of a Kindle with the power of a pen-based tablet? Take a gander at the Sony Digital Paper. This unique gadget is designed to replace reams of paper, using a 13.3-inch, 1200 x 1600 high-contrast reflective black and white touchscreen to display PDF documents, a stylus for annotation and note-taking, built-in Wi-Fi, and 4GB of on-board plus expandable SD storage for document storage and transfer. It’s like having a whole filing cabinet in a gadget the size of a notebook.

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Evapharma / Flix: The dark side


Fight the dark side of the nose


Advertising AgencyKairo, Cairo, Egypt

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Smiley Face Screws by Yuma Kano


Screw 🙂 is a collaborative project between Japanese designer Yuma Kano and a screw factory called Komuro Seisakusho in East Osaka, Japan. Of course smiley face screws aren’t meant as a replacement for more standard designs, but would make a fun detail for smaller projects or areas where a screw might be more visible.

source: inspiration-now

screw-4 screw-2 screw-3

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Safernet Brasil: Selfie


The internet can’t keep a secret. Keep your privacy offline.


Advertising AgencyPropeg, Brazil

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Nordic Outdoor: The Climbing Wall

Nordic-Outdoor-The-Climbing-Wall-1-596x1024 Nordic-Outdoor-The-Climbing-Wall-2-757x1024

The Valentin & Byhr Sweden job was to bring attention to Nordic Outdoor â at The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg. By dramatizing their tagline Start Exploring in different ways, we hoped to increase the number of visitors by hooking peoples curiosity and inspire them to explore wildlife in a whole new way.An important part of the campaign consisted of creating single eye catchers, where we showed up sports activities that were represented at Nordic Outdoor. In this case, we turned a property into a giant climbing wall.

source: bestadsontv

Agency: sValentin & Byhr

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Freedom for All Foundation: Wall Street auction


4.4 million women and men are victims of sex traffickers in the US alone.

The average age of a sex trafficking victim is 12 years old.

Women, men, girls and boys in slavery today are often deceived by dishonest labor brokers promising a better life and salary, or pimps posing as a boyfriend.

People often do not realize they have been trafficked until it’s too late. The slave holders steal passports. The victims are not paid, and work under the threat of violence without the ability to walk away.

The average cost of a slave in the 1800s was over $50,000 USD.

Today, you can buy a slave for as little as $90 USD.

Today, slavery is illegal everywhere, but happening all around us. Modern Day Slavery is hidden in plain sight.

Learn what you can do to end slavery in your communities.

Share this video with your social media communities.
Help us #StopTheNightmare



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Reaction, Inc: Exo housing system to relief disasters


Texas-based designer, strategist and inventor Michael McDaniel was having a morning coffee as usual, when he suddenly came across a brilliant solution to disaster relief housing.

His idea was the Exo Housing System, a smart and portable shelter that has two parts. It resembles how an inverted coffee cup would look. The base of the housing unit is flat like a coffee lid, and the overturned cup acts as the shelter.

Together with great designers, technologists, and business minds, he set up Reaction, a company that aims to ‘revolutionize disaster response’. To date, they have been deeply invested in the Exo Housing Unit.

Exo units are light enough to be moved by hand, but tough enough to withstand bullets.

source: designtaxi

This project is now fundraising on Indiegogo with 7 more days to keeps up your supports, Check this out!

exo unit reaction-exo-emergency-housing-13 Reaction-Housing-System-Exo1

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End It Movement: See through truck


Every year, thousands of girls are bound into sexual slavery. Many are trafficked to major sporting events around the United States. The average age these girls is fourteen.

We partnered with the End It Movement to raise awareness about the horrors of sex trafficking. The plan: disrupt the Final Four basketball tournament by viscerally exposing the reality of the sex trade that happens around it. The stunt is predicated on a simple idea – if you could see it, would you end it? We stripped away the solid sides of a box truck and replaced them with glass – revealing the brutal realities of human trafficking – as the truck was filled with actors portraying women who had been sold into sexual slavery. This scene moved through the crowds outside the Final Four basketball tournament, interrupting the revelry with a cold look at the truth. Dirty, bruised and terrified women were shown as captives.

Crowds were within inches of the scene, forced to confront an ugly reality. The reactions ranged from shock to outrage to heartbreak and the media and social response was swift and dramatic. The story was immediately picked up by news organizations, social sites, blogs, and journalists worldwide. In less than two days, the related YouTube video had racked up over 150 thousand hits and was climbing by 2k-3k hits daily from organic non-promoted, nonpaid views. Then something unexpected happened. The day after the event, the FBI launched a sting operation targeting sex traffickers. So while we are proud of our marketing numbers, here are the numbers that count: twenty-one arrested for child exploitation. Seven children rescued. Hopefully, this is just the beginning.

source: adforum

Agency: Sapient Nitro, Atlanta

Broadcast on April 6, 2013

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Google: #pledgetovote


“Today is a very special day”, says an old man from Kalpa in Himachal Pradesh. He steeps tea and drinks his first cup on a cold, snowy morning; he’s obviously getting ready to go somewhere. He gets dressed and steps out into the snow for a long walk, walking stick in tow. As he is going about his business, his voiceover continues to speak to us.

The old man with the wise, wrinkled face is 97-year-old Shyam Saran Negi. He lives in one of India’s coldest corners, a place where roads and transport systems completely shut down in winters and people think a 100 times before stepping outdoors. Why is this important? Because come rain, sun or heavy snowfall, Negi has never missed voting during a single election since 1951. In fact, he is independent India’s First Voter, a title he wears proudly. He admits to feeling the pride and exhilaration on each voting day, like it were his first.

Google India’s newest campaign, created by Ogilvy India, tells citizens of the country to take the #PledgeToVote this Lok Sabha election. In addition to this, Google India promotes its Election Hub, where citizens can keep track of everything they need to know before voting.

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Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai, India

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